Quick Dailymotion Update

I finally got around to uploading my recent videos, including the conclusion to Great Mission, to Dailymotion. I mentioned in previous updates my distrust of the website as of late, but the reason it's taken me so long to get around to this is an entirely new low for this site.

Dailymotion has been butchering all of my recent uploads.

This year, I switched from using Vegas Pro for editing to Premiere Pro. I must say that, while Vegas is a lot more accessible than Premiere, and there are simply some things that Vegas does better, it is nice to be able to use raw footage without having to waste time converting them to a different format (unless it's MKV, the bane of my existence).

Perhaps this explains the recent problem that has been plaguing my videos. Videos are pixelated or encoded wrong and the audio keeps getting cuttout. In the end, I had to download my videos from YouTube and reupload them on to Dailymotion. That's real nice, let's take a video and downgrade the quality just so the video host will take it. It's either that or I have to waste time exporting the Premiere project in a different format. Even better, instead of having one video file, let's just create two video files for two different websites!

This is why no one uses Dailymotion outside of mirroring content rejected from YouTube.

So there you have it. From here on out, I will resume archiving videos to Dailymotion on a regular basis. Just don't expect any high-quality uploads from now on.


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