May 2019 Update

Remember how I said in the last update that I was going to take a break from NS3U after the last episode to work on other projects (The Smashing XIII promo doesn't count)? Silly me had to go and break my computer, costing me the money that was going towards my first Super Smash Bros Ultimate machinima and putting me out of action for two weeks. So, if my recent upload didn't already spell it out for you, you're getting nothing but Smash 4 machinima from me like it or not. 

I've already begun filming scenes for NS3U, episode 5 - the final stage in the "Nana Trilogy". As of writing, I have almost all the voice lines I need and I'm hoping to get the rest by the time filming is complete. In case I don't have all the necessary voicework by then, I'm also working on a side project. It's been a while since I've made a standalone short film, and I'm not waiting until Ultimate to do another one.

Excuse me while I clean up the mess on my channel. As I've said in my last update, I'm trying to restrain myself from making shitposts but as you can see, bad habits die hard. With the Dailymotion Archives dead in the water, I'm considering the launch of a new secondary channel on YouTube. On top of the option of creating a brand channel for Speedy149U being available, I've recently discovered my original Google account (TheSpeedy149) is allowing the creation of a new YouTube channel. I'm thinking one can be used for archival content and mirrors and the other for monetization-friendly content. The conflict is that I'm not popular enough (and never will be) and my old content barely registers enough viewership to warrant its own channel. It's all low-quality and self-indulgent. As long as those videos are still on Dailymotion, I don't have to make an immediate decision. 

Besides, I need to keep my best foot forward now more than ever. If you came to my channel from Obsidianskin's machinima festival, all I can say is: I'm listening, stay tuned.

See you next month.


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