Welcome to the COVIDeoocalypse | May 2020 Update

NS3U is back in production. That is all.
OK, that's not all.

Don't ask, but something came up and now, as I'm typing this, I'm currently migrating all of my project files, libraries, and personal stuff to a new cloud service. The good news is that all the project files for NS3U6 are intact offline, the bad news is that the prevention of over a decade of YouTube history (among other stuff) from becoming lost has become the biggest issue I need to deal with before I can get back to work.

What I can promise is that the next installation of NS3U is almost ready. No, seriously. As I've said in the previous update, I'll be breaking up future installments into smaller videos. Have your stones and rotten tomatoes ready for May 17th, 2020 just in case I'm blowing the horn too early, but that's the final release date for NS3U, Stage 6.1. As for how many parts the final three episodes will be broken into, all I can say is that this is going to be quite the experience for my final long-form outing.

Also, this has recently been uploaded to my "other" channel. Consider it a small teaser for the long-awaited (by absolutely no one) Reycralibur marathon and commentary that will be coming later this month. Finally, I get to dish out some unfinished business and close that chapter of my "career" for good. Look forward to it.

Now if you'll excuse, I need to figure out what in the name of Ganondorf is a "bandwidth throttle".


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