Where my head is at...

Back in March, I held auditions for New Super Smash Sisters for Wii U. This isn't the first time I did a casting call for a series, but this is the first time that it actually worked. I spent the rest of the month doing rough work for the next installment: filming, recording, and editing a handful of scenes. I had sometime before the casting call deadline, so I edited some of the scenes that were cut from the episode. The end result was the first Super Smash Sisters: Alternative video. (Yes, there will be more of these.) I had just heard at the time that Hugh Hancock, godfather of machinima and founder of Machinma.com, had died of a heart attack back in Winter. Since I knew no one else would do it, because of the pure obscurity the medium has all but fallen into, I acknowledged his passing in the intro to the video.

I wasn't particularity proud of April's video. I wasn't able to continue work on NS3U because I was still waiting on the voice actors, so I tired to hash out a machinima film in one week just to give my subscribers something. I was trying to build on what I did with Night of the Living ME!ME!ME!, but it felt half-assed; there was a lot of excess crap that was cut from the final video. Regardless, I like the approach I'm taking with the "God Eater and Ethel" series. I think I'll go a little deeper next time. It might be fun.

In my spare time this month, I've been browsing through Smash mods to use in future films. I have been brainstorming ideas for new machinima, including an actual GMOD series. I decided instead to put all my focus on NS3U for now. Starting another machinima series when you haven't even made progress on your first (Fourth, but who's counting?) is an amateur mistake that I and many other directors have made.

So, where do I go from here? As far as Speedy149U goes, somewhere darker. What better way to differentiate myself from other machinima directors than to make my videos a little more...personal.

In the meantime, I think THIS is a good place to start.


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