2017 Reflections

As I'm typing this, I am hard at work on the first installment of NS3U. Remember how I said the series "won't have an ongoing plot" and was going to be "a non-dramatic, episodic series of comedic misadventures with action cartoon elements (and crack)?" I was lying about the first part. I won't spill the details, because the hype for any product is always ruined when the creators and fanboys keep leaking details about what to expect. It ruins all the enjoyment/disappointment to be had when the final product is released into the public but everyone already knows what's going to happen.

I will say this much: I will only end the series if a new Super Smash Bros game is officially announced. I released my first Smash 4 machinima test almost a year after the game was released. Lightning will strike twice when I do it again for the next game, but it's safe to say that I have plenty of time before then.

As you can tell by recent uploads, I've started to take a liking to retrowave music. Really though, it's just me reliving the childhood I never got to experience, minus the outdated technology and human relationships (*cough*bigotry*cough*). Going forward, I want my Smash Bros machinima to look and feel as different as possible from my peers. Whereas Brawl machinima is dominated by the aesthetics of Japanese anime, I'm exploring different genres, styles, and tastes in entertainment and incorporating all those things into my Smash 4 machinima.

Outside of machinima, I've spent my Boxing Week buying steam games and thought I would try my hand at doing let's play's with them. There's just one problem, not only do I suck at commentary, I suck at video games in general. Shocking right? I've wasted a whole day of work realizing that I simply don't have the "prowess" I used to have when I was playing games on my old Game Boy Advance SP or revisiting those days with VisualBoyAdvance.

With retrowave in my ears, I'm going to make it my new year's resolution to get back to the handheld gaming scene and recover the "skills" I've lost. Better yet, I'm going to step into the universe of retro culture so that I may rediscover the youth I've never got to experience, and I will express those experiences in my machinima.

Also, squick. And cringe. And lily culture. All of them.

2015 will always be the year of my rebirth, but 2017 will go down as the year of my true awakening. I've tested the waters of what I could do with Smash 4, and this year, I've put all I've learned to the test. Now I'm ready for what comes next.


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