January 2020 Update | END OF AN ERA? WTF?

So, a lot has happened to me this winter. I've been doing some self-reflection about my identity, what I've been doing with my life, why it took so long for the U.S president to be impeached. The usual. In recent posts, I've expressed that I was done with long-form machinima projects after I complete New Super Smash Sisters for Wii U: NS3U, but I wasn't retiring from machinima. Let's just say, I have some unfinished business to attend to this year before I can really consider putting away my capture card.

In the meantime, as "promised", I'm giving you some new videos after a lifetime of reuploads and crap. In honor of our first anniversary, the Smashing XIII brings you a collab of short skits and shenanigans. Keep watching Speedy149U for more machinima skits, or a new short film, to be uploaded every month. The drought is officially over.

Having said that, I'm afraid I have to stress that it will be a long wait before the next NS3U is released. I won't disclose the exact reason why, but I will tell you that I am filming scenes for the final three episodes, and most of the cast have already turned in their lines. Once I have the remaining lines, I can finish editing episode six and move on to the remaining two.

This year, I fully begin the transition away from machinima series and back into standalone videos. Outside of NS3U, I will not be working on or launching any more machinima series. Sequels are not out of the question, however. Look forward to such a video arriving next month. I'm also writing the scripts to two new videos, the pilots I mentioned in an earlier post, that I will be working on while NS3U is on "hiatus".

Let the new decade of Jacob Godspeed begin.


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