Rock Bottom: Short November 2019 Update

So, let me start off by saying I make no apologies for the "Smash Ultimate Trailer" I uploaded back in September, and I'm happy to announce that you won't be getting any actual Super Smash Bros Ultimate machinima from me until 2020 and beyond.

Deal with it.

I'm still waiting on the voice cast to turn in their remaining lines so I can begin editing NS3U, Stage 6. I've been working on something else in the meantime, but I had to postpone that so I could work on this year's Halloween special..., which I couldn't finish either because I couldn't make up my mind in time on what I actually wanted to do. Hence, the recycled "Halloween marathon" video. So, it's back to the other video I've been working on.

Truth be told, I just haven't been in the mood to do anything machinima-related (besides this). As I've said in a previous update, I've done all that I wanted to do in Smash machinima and I've been contemplating retirement after I finish NS3U. For now, as far as machinima goes, I'm going to put all of my focus on NS3U's final episodes. I'll still be working on smaller filler videos in-between, and I have another storytime video on the backburner for later, but I want to at least finish this series before I make any serious decisions about my future.


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