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There's Always Next Year - Year End Wrap Up

I've had better years; particularly the year when I returned to Smash Bros machinima and scored thousands of views and a reaction video to that mini-series. Maybe I should go back to doing more videos like that? This year was (supposed to be) about quality over quantity, in-tandem with my usual monthly schedule. Since April, I've released: 5 NS3U segments; 5 music videos, including The Final Stages trailer; The Reycralibur Requiem Project ; and an Abridged Knights of Brawl marathon with commentary . The only shitposts I've made this year was a reaction video and the tattered remains of what would have been Shoopa Smash 6 . Everything else was banished to purgatory, aka my new secondary channel , along with Reycralibur and TAKOB. Not too bad, considering how much hot air I blow on this blog in-regards to what I'm going to do and what's going to happen in the future versus what I've actually done and what ends up happening. I'm tied up in various collaboration

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