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The Shadowsiders Cometh - Feburary 2021 Report

And we're off. I'm honestly surprised that the "Shadowsiders" name wasn't taken by anyone inside our humble machinima community. Surely there must have been a machinima with a title that reeks of the same "fanfic written by a high schooler" vibes like "Shadowsiders" that existed before. Right?  But yes, Shadowsiders is the official name of the "We Are All Deviants" machinima project. The first machinima short in this series is both a return and a departure for me. I have done machinima with subtitles before, but never with sound bytes to accompany the text. I know it would have been "better" to have voice actors, and I'm open to include that in later installments (as long as I'm not one of the actors), but it would be best to leave Shadowsiders as a solo project given its "adult" nature.  Like I've said before, Shadowsiders has no story arc and no roadmap. Maybe a few two-parters or mini-series here and

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