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Fall 2019 Update

As I'm typing this out, I have almost finished NS3U, stage 5 and I'm halfway done writing the series finale. I'm also at my lowest point mentally, hence the lack of blog updates, but I'll save that for my therapist.

So, confession time. We ran into some more "casting troubles" during production and because of that, it took longer than usual for me to get all the lines for the episode. Other then that, the blame is on me. I originally had a lot of stuff planned when I was writing this episode and I was hoping the modding scene in Smash 4 would have developed to the point where I can bring those ideas to life. Of course, that wasn't the case. I wouldn't be surprised if the community already abandoned the game after Super Smash Bros Ultimate came out.

I tried to make do with what I had, but coupled with issues I was going through in my personal life, I've all but lost my passion to do anything. I've already accomplished everything I've set ou…

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