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2 Years of Paramount Network, Too Many Lessons to Learn

Paramount Network is the culmination of Spike TV's 2015 relaunch - which saw the former "network for men"-turned-bold, upscale, and classy Men's entertainment channel return to the general entertainment format it last used during "The National Network" era. For the yet-to-be-reunited-with-CBS Viacom, Paramount Network would build on the success of shows like Bar Rescue, Ink Master, Lip Sync Battle, and combat sporting events, while leveraging the iconic Paramount Studios brand to their new flagship premium outlet. In other words, this was their answer to AMC and FX, two basic cable networks that have produced high-quality, premium content comparable to that of old school pay television channels like HBO and Showtime.While it's too soon to call Paramount Network a failure, as can be argued by the success of Yellowstone, it's hard to see the scripted drama nothing but a reflection of what the network was supposed to be airing versus what the network u…

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