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My reaction to the final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (because it was too big for a YouTube post)

The final DLC fighter Smash Ultimate has been announced, and I still don't have a Switch nor a copy of the game. I'd feel more FOMO if the modding scene in Brawl wasn't ten times better than what the recent two games have given me. Even mods for the original Super Smash Bros were better than that of Ultimate; and those mods have become unbelievable in the years' since Reycralibur's "final" episode. If I'm still doing machinima in 2023, I'd probably go back to either one of those games, or something like Crusade or Super Smash Flash 2, instead of jumping to Ultimate (or the next Smash game). I'd still get a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but only for the sake of preservation; because why trust Nintendo to even go as far as to re-release an "Ultimate" version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with all included DLC, when the publisher still hasn't re-released Melee in the decade since Virtual Console became a

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