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February 2018 Progress Report

I did it again. Like a politician, I've made promises that I knew I couldn't keep. Truth be told, I've been so distracted with getting my real life back on track in the past two months that I didn't have the time or motivation to get anything done this month.

I am, however, halfway done with writing the new script for the next episode of NS3U. Before I decided on the current direction of the series, NS3U was just going to be a series of videos with an overarching plot. Now I'm thinking wasting time on near-pointless filler isn't an ideal path for me to take. I can only work on a single project for so long before I lose motivation. That's when I decided to write a completely new script for the next episode, and save the original script for a rainy day. As promised, I will be leaving the voice acting in future episodes to actual voice actors. Once I finish writing the script, I'll put out a casting call.

While I didn't do any filming for NS3U this mon…

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