Monday, 23 February 2015

My "Head" Feels Better (Update February 2015)

Picking up from yesterday's post, I will "try" to finish up Reycralibur episodes one and twelve for a double release sometime in Spring, when I actually feel like working. Sadly, I am contemplating the possibility of a remake of episode five. This will put episode thirteen on haitus, but it will better streamline the story after all the recons I've made. The downside, I'm gonna die before I finish this series...

Meanwhile, I've been looking into doing livestreams. Previously, I tried CODCasting with Black Ops II, but I couldn't get it to work properly. Besides, I'm more interested in Team Fortress 2 and Ultimate Ninja Storm now. So, if that's what your into, check out my Twitch channel sometime ( I'm just playing around right now, so it's nothing major. However, I do plan on doing scheduled sessions in the future.

I've all but abandoned my Wordpress site; I'll stick around Blogger for now since it's more accessible. Also, since SOMEHOW ZippCast is still around, stop by my channel for new videos, after I upload them to Dailymotion of course, and some reuploads from TheAbridged149. Hope you like watching people getting killed.

Finally, tonight I will begin reuploading The Abridged Knights of Brawl. It's been a long time coming but, since this will be the only thing people will remember me for, I might as well. Check back every weeknight @ 8pm. I will also reupload episodes of Reycralibur after I finish the episode one remake...and again after the episode five remake.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Head Hurts, Fuck It.

In case you give a crap, I've finished filming episode twelve of Reycralibur as well as the episode one remake. The reason why they're taking so long is because I don't want to do the series anymore. I am going to finish it, but I'm in no rush. In fact, I'm looking into creating a new series in Smash Flash and SSB Crusade. But with my crappy work ethic, I doubt it will ever happen.

I was thinking of bringing back Typhoon School, but I've wasted so much money buying equipment it's not even worth the effort. I should get a job, but I'm too lazy to finish my resume. That's my problem. I've tried Brawl machinima, let's plays, random commentaries; it's all pointless because I lack the motivation to follow through. So, screw it, I want to focus on more short-form entertainment. I'll stick to what I know.

I'm so bored. I don't feel like playing any video games, I don't have ambitions, and I really, really, REALLY, hate other people's opinions. Yet, I'm always wasting my time on the internet. I'm even putting this crap out there despite the fact that no one will read this, which is especially pointless since, again, I want to hear my own thoughts. I'm tired of all the noise, so I've exiled myself from that shit. I wish I could quit the internet altogether, but my real life sucks because I hate every person I meet. So I'm stuck here.


If Bell Media Weren't Run by Incompetent Morons [Repost 1/7/2015]

1) Comedy Central's programming would remain on the Comedy Network were it belongs.
2) Comedy Network and Much would put an emphasis on original programming instead of American shows.
3) Much would incorporate more pop culture-related programming (popular shows, movies, talk shows, etc.) instead of just comedies.
3b) Much would actually focus more on music
3c) Much would actually focus more on good music
4) MTV2 would actually air MTV2 shows
4b) Bell Media would acknowledge it's existence.
5) M3 wouldn't have to steal shows from better networks
6) Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham would air reruns on Space instead of M3
6b) Space wouldn't be airing Castle reruns
7) The MuchComedy suite would be just as good as their other channels.
8) I wouldn't have to waste my time ranting about how much these guys suck at their jobs.

Is Bell Media the Electronic Arts of specialty services? [Repost 7/28/2014]

YES! Because that explains EVERYTHING!
As one of the largest video game companies in America, Electronic Arts is always willing to butcher themselves, and others, in hopes of creating a "high-quality" product for their customers. Look no further then the buggy Battlefield launches, the SimCity controversy, and the death of Medal of Honor for proof. People were ripped-off, brands were ruined, and EA profits regardless. There really is no other perfect comparison I can make.
Let's review. Can anyone tell me what Fashion Television, BookTelevision, and MTV2 have in common? They are channels that have been left in limbo, ignored in favor of specialty services that people actually give a crap about. By that I mean, in this era of homogenized television pandering to women and children, true blue niche networks that haven't abandoned their original format and "broadened their demographic" are left to rot with no promotion or new content. It's like what happened to Scream only, instead of becoming the generic Dusk, Corus shut it down. That's merciful compared to what Bell Media is doing to these three channels.
The "successful" networks in Bell Media's portfolio didn't get to where they are without doing a few changes or otherwise selling their souls either. I don't mind Much's current direction one bit, but it's obvious that Bell Media wants to create another entertainment network instead of improving an aging music network. Likewise, I kinda liked the Medal of Honor reboot, but it was still a boring, generic, mess of a shooter compared to the likes of Call of Duty.
You'd think I'd make this comparison to other mass media companies, but no. See, Shaw Media is transforming two dumping grounds into two brand new channels, complete with new content. If Much was in their portfolio, they would have produced a dozen music-based lifestyle shows. Corus' may have gave young male adults the middle finger - and became the embodiment of Canada's crappy television scene - but no other company can reach families the way they do. If Bell is the EA, then Corus is the Nintendo.
In the end, I found a little more respect for Shaw Media.., but I'm still indifferent about Corus. Teenage and adolescent boys need their TV too, you know? But Bell Media just looks like the Galactic Empire to me. Screwing with the "natural order", homogenizing television to cater to one intrest, passing off americian programs as their own! Wait, that's Canadian television networks in general, my bad.
Anyway, It's a miracle that Rogers isn't this bad.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Is Something Wrong with A&E?

You have a show, it's the highest-rated series on your network and it has gathered a large following. So what do you do? You cancel it. Does that make sense to you? Welcome to A&E: a cable network that has become so bad it makes Lifetime look watchable.

I am, of course, referring to the infamous cancellation of Longmire. Up until now, I assumed that the model for television series was that as long as a show gets ratings, everything is alright. Why else do you think the KardashIdontgiveacrap franchise has lasted so long? But apparently, A&E is saying that if a show skews an older audience then your other offerings, it can still be cancelled. What kind of logic is that? So what happens when Bates Motel starts targeting an older audience? Are they gonna cancel that too?

And don't get me started on the "production cost" excuse. If A&E didn't waste so much money on forgettable reality shows, they'd still have enough to spend on another season. And we're not talking Storage Wars, The First 48, Beyond Scared Straight, or Duck Dynasty. We're talking about the shows I've never heard about or cared about because, odds are, no one else did either.

Not even A&E cares, because most of the shows I didn't mention (and there were a LOT) were probably cancelled after just one season. Yet, every five seconds they introduce another reality show that will inevitably suffer the same fate. That's the problem with reality TV; it's a paradox that wastes our time and the network's money. The only way for a show to survive is if the people it focuses on are worth watching.

What A&E should have done from the beginning was focus their attention on the shows that were getting money and the shows people wanted to see. My Lifetime quip was not an insult; that is exactly what that network is doing. While it is very sad that Lifetime has fallen in the scripted area, the fact that they kept Devious Maids and canned Pretty Wicked Moms shows that they at least have an idea on what works and what doesn't. It's a small hope that the network won't become as bad as it's competition.

But with A&E, I see no hope. It's like I don't even know what it's supposed to be anymore. Is it a entertainment network or a reality TV and drama dump? All I know is, it was better off being a crime network.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

About to Take a Break [Update November/December 2014]

Nope. I'm not doing this again. I notice that winter always drains the motivation to work on Reycralibur, so I'm calling it in for now. Alternatively, since it seems I always say one thing but then do something else, by saying I'm not going to work on any series for the rest of the winter, I might just end up doing a remake of Reycralibur, episode five.

Anyway, I've finished episode twelve of Reycralibur, but I'm not going to release it just yet. As I've said in my last update, I was going back to doing a more straightforward story with Reycralibur. To that end, I am currently working on a remake of episode one. This remake will help streamline the story and drop hints (or rather giant bombs) on what's going to happen in episode twelve. I've already finished filming all the scenes, now it's just a matter of finding the music and putting it all together. Like the episode three remake, I didn't reshoot the fight scenes because I'm lazy. Once I finished the episode one remake, I'll polish up episode twelve before I upload them both.

Meanwhile, in the seventh generation, I'm still making preparations for my return to Brawl machinima. I know I should be looking towards making SSB4 machinima, but I'm an old fashioned guy. If I had the time and money, I would make a few more Melee machinima. I wanted to do something more laid back for my new Brawl machinima series. Something to break up the norm and dismiss the stereotypes Smash Bros. machinima is known for, namely the Smashtasm and Smash King knockoffs, and the fact that Link or Mario is always the main protagonist. Hence, Shin Knights of Brawl.

Arguably, The Abridged Knights of Brawl might be considered a deconstruction or commentary on Brawl machinima as a whole, but that's for the public to decide. Yes, I know I haven't even touched TAKOB since episode ten. So far, I've decided to turn it into a non-canon mini series, since most of the characters from the previous episodes are gone. The most I've done was a mock trailer for the series, and I didn't get around to dubbing it because I wanted to work on a new Brawl Universe gag dub instead. On a related note, shout out to banjokazooieplush, the man behind the monstrosity, for being such a good sport (or for just being clueless). I'm definitely going to do more gag dubs in the future, but I want the jokes to come naturally.

Finally, keep a eye on my ZippCast channel. Since YouTube is too broken to use, I plan on growing an audience there. No, I'm not switching sites, because I'm still not convinced ZC will stay online much longer.

That's it for now. See you a few.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Fave Five: Amercian Channels I like

Here's a proper stereotype about Canadians: our cable networks suck. Here are five reasons why.

1) MTV2
Urban Dictonary calls it a "waste of space", I call it the best youth network ever. As the male-focused counterpart of MTV, MTV2 boasts lifestyle programming that, shockingly enough, actually taught me something about life! Of all the syndicated shows you can have on a network, MTV2 just happens to have the one of best rosters, right up there with TBS. Now if only they would air more music videos and less shitty movies (ie. Vampires Suck).

2) TBS
Now THIS is what I'd call a Comedy Network. I don't know how, but TBS managed to nab the rights to the funniest sitcoms ever made and mangled them together onto one network. Then they take the next step and produce their own original shows which, while not very notable, all have their share of fans. It all came full circle when those Bell Media scumbags starting buying the rights to their shows for MuchMusic and The Comedy Network, while American Dad made a channel hop for a new season. It's a no contest, TBS is the B.E.S...T.

3) Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
I said it before, I'll say it again. Networks like Cartoon Network have something that YTV lacks: maturity. In what TVTropes calls "The Post-CNReal era", the network has produced shows that are living proof that cartoons aren't' just for kids. If they're well-written and produced with love (sue me), they'll have fans of all ages (and the ratings to go with them).

Unfortunately, Adult Swim's original lineup didn't really follow suit, but that's only because maturity isn't their style. They're edgy, unique, and irreverent, everything advertisers wish other networks would be like. Their original shows are still a hoot to watch, both animated and live-action. And, of course, with Toonami handling action programming, it's the best place to be on Saturday Nights.

4) Revolt
How do you run a music network without living in the stone age? Do you look for music-related
shows? Do you mix music videos with a bunch of pop culture crap? Or do you just live in the moment?
Apparently, it's option three, because that's Revolt in a nutshell. There's no acquired programming or movies and there's no glorified videoblocks. Instead, we get news and documentaries based on current events. Not current events as in "whatever shit celebrities are doing", current events as in the Ferguson shooting. ...Yep.
Revolt is like the antitheses of the modern music network. Even when it's doing something different, it's still worth your while. Here's hoping the channel grows.

5) El Rey Network
This one caught me off guard. I mean, aren't cult movies IFC's thing? El Rey Network is a celebration of all things awesome. There's no cliched dramas here, nothing but the best damn shows and movies ever made. If I were to go on, it would sound like I was doing some sort paid advertisement. Just look up their lineup, check out their original shows, and tell me that you don't wish any of the Canadian networks I'm stuck with would just grow a pair!

Other networks worth mentioning: Syfy (Because SmackDown is now officially the black sheep), Disney XD (Because it's better than Disney Channel), "The New" truTV (Because they finally stopped jumping on bandwagons), Esquire Network (Because it's the best lifestyle network no one will ever watch), Funimation Channel (Because it's the only anime network on TV), IFC (Because they have great movies and funny shows), and A&E (Because even G4 looked better).