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MuchMusic is Coming Back Even Though It Never Left | My Reaction

In 2013, MuchMusic got rid of the latter half of their name. In the years since, they got rid of their original shows (Video on Trial, The Wedge, New.Music.Live / MuchOnDemand, etc), offloaded their spinoff networks (CTV Life Channel occupies the space left by MuchMoreMusic), and cancelled their award show, among other moves that eroded all sense of relevance the station had with its former teenage and young adult audience. Ironically, it was the music video blocks that was the last to go in 2020, leaving behind a network that's now dependent on Comedy Central shows, Simpsons reruns, and whatever else can get ratings.  The network's former fans have since held the old "pretend like the rebrand is a different network from the former brand" attitude towards the "Much" of the present day, and as much as I hate to agree with millennial morons, they were right.  The most that has been done with the Much brand since 2013 was the launch of a YouTube MCN (Multi Chan

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