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Fate of The Winx Saga (Yes, Another TV Rant)

A little "Bertie" told me that Netflix has ruined another animated series. The long-awaited, adult-oriented, live-action reboot of Winx Club, called Fate: The Winx Saga, launched in January to negative reviews from critics and fan backlash. Don’t ask me why the show was a failure; I don't do reviews because I hate them and all tasteless critics. I will say that this show was doomed from the very beginning because it culminates all the bad juju Nickelodeon has been brewing since they acquired the franchise and the studio that produces it.  On top of rivaling W.I.T.C.H for having the sexiest main cast in children's television, Winx Club wasn't a bad watch by "girl show" standards either. It was a serialized fantasy drama about a girl who discovers her magical heritage and learns to use her newfound powers with her own kind; the distaff equivalent to Harry Potter, but a girly show for lovers of teen pop and fashion. It's nowhere near the same level of q

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