Monday, 17 November 2014

RE: Gamespot

There are three types of Smashers: the ones who play the game as intended, the ones who play without items, and Tourneytards. There are no "purists", just people who couldn't cut in an actual competitive fighting game and like to brag about being "pro" in a casual fighting game while belittling those who play the game for fun. Get it right.

*sigh* ...And this is why I don't like Melee.

Friday, 14 November 2014

YTV's New Groove

If you've been following the business side of things, you will recall that Corus Entertainment now owns 100% of Teletoon Canada Inc, which includes the eponymous flagship network, on the condition that YTV's programing does not overlap with Teletoon or any of it's sisters.

As a result, YTV has begun airing Teletoon's past original programming, which doesn't really help fulfill that condition. The only thing that this accomplishes is giving YTV some decent shows to air, since YTV hasn't done that in years. On a less sarcastic note, it also helps to replace YTV's outdated preschool block. Betweeen Treehouse, Disney Junior, BBC Kids, TVO Kids, and even Kids' CBC, there really is no room for another outlet for preschool programming, all the more reason why Teletoon abandoned such programming years earlier.

On another front, Teletoon began airing YTV's anime series as well as Power Rangers. While this is VERY good news for Teletoon and it's viewers, this is a sign YTV's, and Corus', treatment of anime has gotten worse since end of Bionix in 2010. It used be that, kid-friendly anime, such as Pokemon, gets top billing. But now, even new titles, like Digimon Fusion and B-Daman Crossfire, get ZERO promotion. You could make the excuse that the Pokemon anime hasn't been good since 4Kids stopped dubbing it and YTV's acknowledging this. But Digimon? Come on!

As for Power Rangers, there isn't much to say. Teletoon has been airing live-action programming for as long as I can remember. You didn't notice this because it was mostly in the form of movies related to animation and comics or shows (and movies) that were decent in their own right, as least compared to CNReal's content. Power Rangers is no exception, and in fact, there is a very cultural connection between it and rest of YTV's anime roster. Of course, don't expect Teletoon to air something like Dragon Ball Kai anytime soon.

When all is said and done, these plays by Corus Entertainment proves a theory that I and many people have had about YTV for while. Teletoon - and to the same extent, Cartoon Network, Disney XD and The Hub (R.I.P) - has something YTV doesn't have: maturity. In recent years, kids networks have been targeting older audiences; teenagers for Disney XD, families for The Hub, and adults for..., well, take a guess. YTV, on the other hand, has been targeting the same immature audience that are more likely to think the average YouTube celebrity is a laugh riot.

Really, the only thing remotely attractive about YTV these days, aside from certain Nickelodeon shows, are the promos done by that voice guy (God, bless him). Yes, it's a kids network, but it doesn't have to treat it's viewers like morons.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

I suck at Backstories [Reycralibur Update November 2014]

I'll cut to the chase.

Forget everything you heard in episodes one and five. Much like episode three, episode five introduces backstories on the Triangle War and Reycralibur's origin. I am NOT in the mood to redo "The Rouge Rogue" AGAIN, so just forget about what you heard. There was no Teal-Crest tournament and there is no Squire Academy. As far as the Triangle War goes, General Gorous' backstory is the only one that matters. But, other than that, it is of no importance to the plot. As for episode one, Reycralibur didn't JUST appear after a decade, but you don't need me to tell you to forget that load of crap. Do you?

I'll tell you one thing, the story is easily the most frustrating part about working on the series. I wanted to create a lore behind the series. To that end, I also incorporated little bits of information about the world of Reycralibur through the cold openings in season one. I've also tried writing the rest of the story in advance, as well as rewatching previous episodes to avoid having to do retcons. But, the more I go on, the more boring and complicated the story sounds. No amount of lampshading will make it better. In short, the story itself is the reason why it takes so long to make one episode. Because, after all this time, I don't know where to go next!

So, from this point onward, I'm going to go back to telling a straightforward story. No more flashbacks, no more gambits, no more ass pulls. All you need to know is: There is a sword, it's been split into three pieces, the bad guys want the three pieces. So the good guys are trying to find them all. You can also forget everything you learned in the cold openings (yes, even the episode three remake) as that's basically a bunch of mambo jumbo. As far as how the sword was split into three pieces and, of course, Skyru's true identity, you will learn all of that in episode twelve.

Wanna know the worst part? At some point, I'm gonna have to remake episode one AND episode five before moving on to the final episodes. Keep in mind, that's AFTER I get through this episode. ...This why I'm glad this series is almost over.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Some new Developments [October 2014]

Flow 93-5 has shifted to a new format of throwbacks and new music, ending the dreaded Bell Media era once and for all. G98.7 owner, Fitzroy Gordon, has gotten the greenlight from the CRTC to launch a new television service targeting the Caribbean community. Finally, all anime (even Power Rangers) on YTV has moved to Teletoon, as part of YTV's more comedic shift in programing (I'm getting a nasty case of Deja vu). All in all, Fall 2014 is looking pretty good for specialty services.

In personal news, I'm still having doubts about making a new series after Reycralibur. Would you believe me if I told you that, after all this time, I only have two scenes done? If you can, then you'll understand why, if not retire from machinima (HELL NO!), I would like to focus on more short-form stuff. I actually got started on a new gag dub yesterday and I was planning to to start recording lines today. But first, I have to film something for Reycralibur, episode 12. Once I grab the Gamecube Adapter, I will definitely make more Brawl machinima. I've been itching to do so for a long time.

Question is, what am I gonna do now?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

October 2014 Update

I've officially begun work on Reycralibur, episode 12. Though, at this point, I'm fighting the urge to cancel the series altogether. With the release of the GameCube adapter edging closer and closer, I'm getting more and more anxious to just start a new series filmed in Brawl. The beauty of my next project is that it will be a non-serial series, much like Typhoon School was. It has no beginning or ending so it won't end on a cliffhanger due to laziness like so many other web serials (ie. Super Mario Bros. Z).

Thankfully, the end is near. Right now, I'm estimating three more episodes of Reycralibur are left. It'll be bittersweet that I bring this project to a close, SSB64 machinima feels like the one thing I'm actually good at. Of course, I won't stop making SSB64 machinima, but I am looking forward to trying my hand at something else. For now though, after Reycralibur, my sole focus is on Brawl machinima.

Speaking of which, I know I haven't started on The Abridged Knights of Brawl: Bjohn's Quest yet. I'll get around to that eventually.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Toronto's Music Radio (Aka, why I don't listen to Flow 93-5 anymore)

MuchMusic doesn't give a crap about Canada's music scene or music in general. If they do, it's probably to shill out that Top 40 bullcrap. AUX is more of a music channel than MuchMusic will ever be. Unfortunately, it's editorial staff is run by elitist hipsters who are more than happy to talk shit about mainstream music. Apparently, Canadian music journalists think Nickelback is still relevant. Next thing you know, they'll be making jokes about K-Fed and Blood on the Dance Floor. ...Exactly.

Unlike television, FM radio is a MuchBetter (pun intended) outlet for music, thanks to stations like Indie88 (CIND) and G98.7 (CKFG). Unfortunately, while it's more diverse than television, it still has it's share of problems. Chief on my list is Flow 93-5, aka CFXJ. Thanks to those scumbags at Bell Media, Flow has regressed from being the only urban station in Toronto to just being another Top 40 station.
Most damningly, when G98.7 first attempted to launch, Bell and host of other major media companies, even the flippin' CBC, got in their way! And to think, this was the same hurdle Flow had to deal with when they first launched. The reason why Flow and G98.7 existed to begin with? To play music other stations won't.

This is why Indie88 is so popular. It's one of the few music stations playing an underserved genre of music, much like The New Classical 96.3 FM (CFMZ) and JAZZ.FM91 (CJRT). ...Hey, CBC Radio 2, how ya doing? Anyway, it's a shame this principle hasn't been applied to other music stations. It's been a couple of months since Flow was mercifully auctioned off to NewCap radio, owners of Boom 97.3 (aka CHBM, a station for oldies), yet it's still as dreadful as it was under Bell Media's ownership. Apparently, the new owners would rather try to butt heads with Virgin Radio and Kiss then try something new.

Perhaps this is why 102.1 The Edge (that's CFNY for you, alternative fans), in the wake of the Dean Bundell incident and the return of Alan Cross, is switching up their setlist. To fans of CFNY, Indie88 is the modern day "Spirit of Radio", and The Edge recognizes that they now have an opportunity to remind people who the crap they are. Between that, G98.7 becoming Toronto's de facto urban station, Indie88 growing in listeners, and New Classical & Jazz succeeding where Radio 2 failed, It's no wonder why no one watches music on TV anymore.

Forget television, radio is where the real music is at.

Monday, 1 September 2014

I Don't Play Many Games

When we downgraded our cable package, I realized that I don't watch that many TV channels. So I went ahead and deleted some the channels on my Yahoo TV faves. In the same vein, I realized that I don't play that many games in my spare time. The only games I've played over the summer were Team Fortress 2 & Hawken. I've barely touched my PS3 in months!

So, with games like Destiny and Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution on the rise, I decided to pick up my controller and get back into the console scene. But first, I wanted to clean out my PS3's hard drive by getting rid of all the games I don't feel like playing anymore. In the end, I was left with games like Injustice, Remember Me, Saints Row, and Reckoning: all games that I really enjoyed playing but, in the case of the latter three, didn't finish.

You know how when you stop playing a game, how hard it is to get back into it? That's what happened with Dragons Dogma and Reckoning. It doesn't help that Dogma only has one save file, an over-reliance on autosaving, no fast travel, multiple load times, and boring title music thanks to the Dark Arisen update. I almost feel like starting over. Luckily, Reckoning and Remember Me are much easier to get back into.

I ended up getting rid of most of the fighting games on my hard drive too. All I have left was Injustice, which is a hella fun to play, and Mortal Kombat 9, which is also a hella fun to play too once I've warmed up! Meanwhile, I might end up getting rid of all the shooters on my drive by the end of the year if the player count on Gotham City Imposters gets any lower. I tried getting into Defiance but, for me, it would have been easier winning a game of deathmatch on Call of Duty. Destiny may very well be the last online game I buy for a console.

I got a Wii U this year for the sole purpose of making Brawl machinima. With my Nintendo Network ID linked to another console, I purposely forbid myself from playing online; an act of protest against that absolutely stupid idea of not letting me use my ID on multiple consoles. But, with games like Smash 4 and Hyrule Warriors being released, I decided to make more use of my console beyond just machinima. Maybe I'll pick up Bayonetta while I'm at it. Just because I can't play online, doesn't mean I can't play offline!

This fall, since I won't have anything to watch on TV in the afternoons, I might as well spend more time with my PS3 and my Wii U.