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Short January 2019 Update

With the holidays over, I have resumed work on NS3U. I am currently filming and recording scenes for episode 4, but we ran into some "casting troubles" that have contributed to the delay between this episode and the last. I usually wait until the cast turns in their lines before I begin filming an episode, but we've been on hiatus for months and the holiday season did not help. It's better to do what I can now and deal with anything else once we cross that bridge. Just don't expect the next episode to be released anytime this Winter.

In light of the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I will continue to make Super Smash Bros for Wii U machinima for now. As of writing, I do have access to a copy of Ultimate and I've seen how amazing the new replay camera is. I want to do some hands-on practice with Ultimate's replay functionality and I wish to wait until a modding scene develops around the game before I make the jump. The lack of a modding scene is the r…

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