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Super Smash Sisters Director's Log (Post July 2018 Update) [EDIT]

I'm still waiting on all the voice actress to turn in their lines for the next New Super Smash Sisters for Wii U episode. In the meantime, I've been making some monthly "experimental" videos to keep the channel going. I wasn't too proud of this month's video, because I only came up with the idea at the last second. On top of pure laziness, I had other IRL commitments, so I ended up rushing through it. There were other projects I was working on, some of them needed more than a month to finish, and others I just didn't like.

Since this month's update is pretty short, I might as well share a Smash Sisters Director's Log with you. When I did the first NS3U episode, I didn't properly bridge the gap between it and the Great Mission mini-series. Unless you watched Icecapades and the standaloneSmash Sisters films, the introductions of new characters would come out of left-field and the Ice Climbers being the apparent antagonists wouldn't make much…

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