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Final Update of the Decade

As I continue to do on-and-off work on the last NS3U episodes, I'm also developing two new machinima series to launch in the new year.

I already said I was done with long-form machinima series after I complete New Super Smash Sisters for Wii U, which will also be the end to the overarching story that began in the Great Mission mini-series. As such, these new shows will be episodic in nature; they will have no serialized plot elements or tie into either Great Mission or NS3U. I can already confirm one of these new shows will be filmed in Super Smash Bros for Wii U, the other series may be filmed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate when I cross that bridge (Translation: When I actually have the console and game and fully unlocked everything in the latter. So no, its gonna be Smash 4.).

Before you ask, no, this won't impede progress on NS3U. At the moment, I don't have all the voice lines needed to finish editing the remaining episodes, and it's going to be a while before I do. …

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