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What's Next? | Quick April 2021 Update

It's finally happening.  I've got all the remaining lines for NS3U a few weeks ago and I've been working on the final episodes since. There's a lot of important real life stuff happening at the moment and I don't have as much free time as I used to. I was going to release Stage 7 as a full video with its final two segments, but I've decided to instead to stick to the "release by segment" approach of Stage 6 since that's what works best for me. I'll still be uploading a full version of Stage 7 once its completed, but you can expect the cold opening for Stage 7 to be up by March 31 and the last segment of the episode in April.  I was working on the Shadowsiders project while waiting on voice lines, but NS3U now has my full undivided attention at the moment. Once I finish the eighth and final episode of NS3U, it'll be right back to the Deviants. The next Shadowsiders release, that I was working on, and the eighth and final episode of NS3U, ar

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