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Fave Five: Worst of 2017

The Fave Five lists are back; five items of a similar theme in no particular order.

2017 has a been a great year for me when it comes to machinima. I feel like I've finally found my own distinct style and approach to making these videos that separates me from the others. It's highly doubtful that I'll be able to do what SMG4 has done with his Super Mario 64 bloopers: turn a niche video format into a series that averages one million views per episode on YouTube, and even more subscribers to match. But hey, a Pikachu can dream.

In the real world, however, things aren't so great. Some people would list the worst shows, movies, and other events and happenings of the year. I'm smart enough to avoid most of that, but not in a general sense. Here are all the horrible experiences in entertainment that I've had the displeasure of remembering from this year.

1) Impact Wrestling: Bound for Glory 2017
...And that's the one and only instance of me referring to this compa…

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