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#BlackLivesMatter and so does Black Canadian Media

In light of recent events (you already know what I'm talking about), I've decided to revisit my roots one last time. The recent tragedy that will not be named which happened in the United States has shown me the potential consequences that will befall Canada if it doesn't admit that it has a serious race problem. Bare with me for a few moments. 
I previously used Blogger and Facebook as platforms to rant about the Canadian broadcast industry under the KidKira moniker. I stopped doing those rants because I was convinced that the industry didn't stand a chance in the face of American streaming giants and social entertainment platforms with the kind of content we were producing and the programming practices we were employing. I was also sick and tired of the apathy of some people; everyone wants to bash the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) despite it being the only entity that actually cares about Canadian programming (Family Feud aside). That's because, despite C…

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