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The Story of Reycralibur (The Reycralibur Requiem Project)

Chapter 2 No matter how much I tried, I couldn't escape the thought of going back to Smashcralibur and doing it right. It didn't help that my low income meant I was perpetually left behind the rest of the Smash Bros machinima community as far as recent installments go. I struggled to afford a better capture card after my Dazzle bit the dust and by the time I began filming in Smash Bros for Wii U the next installment, Ulitmate, would be announced less than a year later. Going back to 2011, my non-machinima content was nothing but garbage. Literally, I had nothing better to do with my free time than to go back to the original Super Smash Bros game and reboot Smashcralibur with the intention of finishing the series for good. I had all but lost the original files from the past two incarnations, so I had nothing to lose when started filming the series from scratch and rewrote the entire story to exclude everything Nintendo-related. This was the beginning of Revision 3. In the newly

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