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A Bizarre Power Rangers Retrospective

For Power Rangers, 2018 is the end of an era. The changing of the guard from Saban Brands to Hasbro comes 25 years after the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers came on the air.

After watching the final episode of Super Ninja Steel, it’s dawned on me that I never watched the first six seasons of the show. I’ve watched the Disney seasons twice, I’ve seen every other season of Power Rangers up until this point, and I’ve seen the entirety of Time Force during one of the ungodly hiatuses on Nickelodeon. But I’ve only seen a few episodes of Lightspeed Rescue and Wild Force as a child, watched Lost Galaxy up until Vortexx removed it from their schedule but never finished it, and again, I’ve never seen the original six seasons.

So, I made it my mission this December to undo that mistake. In chronological order, I’ve acquainted myself with the action I missed out on as a child. The following are some of my reactions to the first six seasons of Power Rangers, from the original Mighty Morphi…

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