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Decoys, Species, Lifeforce, and Vampire Cheeleaders [Repost]

Decoys, Species, and Lifeforce are about aliens disguised as beautiful, attractive women who use their sex appeal to seduce men into having sex with them for their own gain. In the case of Decoys and Species, they're trying to mate with the human race to save/expand their own. In the case of Lifeforce, they're trying to bring about the galactic rapture. These movies, and a lot of other B-horror flicks, share one crippling, fatal flaw: the aliens aren't the protagonists.

If I learned anything from premium television, anime, comic books, and video games, it's that, in stories like these, the villains are always the most interesting characters, especially if they're superhuman femme fatales. So why not make them the protagonists? In a movie about horny, humanoid, creatures who've weaponized sex against us, do you really expect for me to root for the cockblockers? The boring, cardboard-cutout protagonists I see in every other horror movie?

Anyone who's read Vam…

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