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I'm Not a Gamer, I Never Was

Even though I mostly make Super Smash Bros-related videos, I’ve long since renounced my status as a gamer. It's been years since I've played even played a casual session of Smash. The only reason I classify my videos as gaming-related is becuase machinimation is associated with animation the same way professional wrestling is associated with combat sports. If I were to win an award for best gaming channel on YouTube, the internet would have my head. So why is it that I don’t consider myself a gamer?

Why would I with the negative stigma attached to it?

I'll spare you the obligatory rant about how AAA publishers are evil because as Steam Greenlight and the saga of Digital Homicide taught us, wannabe developers are no less capable playing the victim card while screwing over their customers and scamming them out of their money. I actually have more sympathy with publishers than gamers, at least when they get flack over something as trivial as microtransactions. Don't give …

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