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Summer is Here... (EDIT)

Auditions are now open for a new character to be properly introduced in the next stage of NS3U. I'll give you a hint, she and her partner are making their triumphant return in Super Smash Bros Ultimate this Winter (Yes, I know. Shut up). I've sent out the script for the upcoming episode and I will begin filming once the cast turns in their lines.

Speaking of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I know the question you want to ask me right at this very time of writing. The answer is no, I have no plans on launching a new machinima series in SSBU, nor do I have plans to film future episodes of NS3U on Switch. Of course, I will make the jump to Ultimate machinima eventually. How can I not when, not only will the Ice Climbers return, but Daisy finally becomes a playable character instead of a palette swap? But even then, I won't get serious about it until SSBU carves out its own modding scene, as did Brawl and SSB4 before it.

Besides, I don't even own a Nintendo Switch!

Which brings…

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