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November 2017 Update

Not gonna lie, I haven't touched Reycralibur since I finished Icecapades. However, I did finish recording the audio for the retrospective special. All I have to do is apply it to the footage from the series (among others) and can I put this chapter of my YouTube career behind me. ...Right? It's nice to be able to work on standalone films, rather than a long-form machinima series, so I know that the sooner I finish the Reycralibur retrospective, the better. But at the moment, my mind is elsewhere.

I'm currently at work on a new Smash 4 machinima...thing. Just a little experiment that came about from watching GMOD videos. This film I'm working on, much like Icecapades, won't require (much) voice acting. It's just me goofing off with all the Smash Mods I've collected. If I can think up ideas for future installments, I could turn this...thing into a reoccurring series. "You can expect this "thing" to drop by the end of the month...", is what…

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