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Late March/April 2019 Update

Almost finished with NS3U, stage 4, but excuse me if I take a break from the series afterwards to work on some other projects that were on the back-burner for a long time. Between the previously mentioned rewrites and months of cast changes, I'm honestly glad to be done with this episode and do something else for a change. I need time to find more voice actresses before I begin filming the next episode anyways.

Recently, I was dumped by Dailymotion as a partner and locked out of editing my channel and uploading videos. The simple reason is because my content contains copyrighted material, despite the fact that Dailymotion never had a problem with this when I became a Motionmaker so many years ago. I'm guessing this is because of the updated terms of service from earlier this year. Now, I'm not going to be that content creator and go on an anti-corporate tangent just because I got "fired", but the bottom line is: the Speedy149 Archives on Dailymotion are officiall…

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