Early June 2019 Update (EDIT)

Seeing the reception to the first storytime video got me motivated to make my machinima more personal going forward. Not to disrespect fellow directors in the community, but I was looking do something more "mature" with the medium rather than just black comedies and anime-styled fanfics. The storytime animator format inspired me to do just that. I've recorded audio for a handful of new "Machinistory" videos, I just need to get around to filming footage for them.

That's not to say I'll only be doing this style of machinima from now on but I'm out of ideas for other videos at the moment and, to be honest, my motivation for anything else has been at an all-time low lately. My last "Sisters on Crack" video was made up of scrapped projects and deleted videos with new footage added to tie them together. I was working on another "Sisters on Crack" video but, at the time of writing, that might just morph into something else entirely.

As all this is going on, I'm being held up on continuing NS3U. I'm trying to get in contact with one of my VAs as of typing as I need their lines before I can continue filming episode 5. On the plus side, I can now confirm that we are halfway through the series and episode 8 will be the grand finale, not just for NS3U, but the entire "Super Smash Sisters: The Series" saga-thing (at least, for now). If and when I make the jump to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate machinima, I intend to start over from scratch.

Indeed, it will soon be time to make a change...


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