Short March 2019 Update (EDIT)

So, I began the editing process on NS3U, Stage 4 in February, but I've decided to scrap the scripts for episodes 6 and beyond. I felt that the series tone was beginning to move too far away from comedy and devolve into more of the same generic, anime-styled fanfic drama that dominates Smash Bros machinima. More importantly, I felt that the story was becoming convoluted. Unless you watched my machinima films from 2016 and 2017, you wouldn't understand half of what was going on. I won't scrap episode 5, since the scripts have already been sent out and most of the voicework has been turned in, but I went back to the writer's board on the rest of the series.

Admittedly, there was a lot of stuff going on in real life that either took up my freetime or completely distracted me. For the most part, I simply didn't have the motivation to work on the series. Nonetheless, I do plan on finishing the next episode by the end of March, and at the moment, I'd say we're almost halfway through NS3U. In light of the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, not wanting to be the only Smash machinima director who isn't using it, and all of the above, I've decided to cut NS3U short by rewriting episodes 6 and beyond and scrapping certain scenes from episodes 4 and 5.

This doesn't mean I'm cancelling NS3U nor does it mean I'm finished with Smash 4 and making the jump to Ultimate after I finish the series. It's too early to announce what else I've been doing, but let's just say I hope to debut a new machinima concept before the end of the year.

Here's hoping the weather up north won't be as terrible as last Spring.


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