October 2018 Update (EDIT)

As I am typing this, I am halfway finished with one of two scrapped projects from the past Summer. The other project I'm actively working on is NS3U, Stage 3. I expect to complete both projects either this month or as early as November.

In other news, I have finished renovations on my Dailymotion channel. Like Speedy149U, my Dailymotion channel has been re-oriented to focus on past and present machinima works. I have left a few of my favorite non-machinima videos and some filler content on the channel, but everything else has been set to private. Full disclosure: I officially hate that website.

There are a lot of projects I have planned for the Fall-Winter season. This time of year has always been a period of reflection for me, and cleaning up Dailymotion has gotten me feeling quite nostalgic. But this year I also feel a lot of regret, because I know I should have done better. I'm also at a point in my life where I need to find my passions and channel them into something productive. Machinima is a hobby; it's not made for profit or glory. Even if I wanted do, monetizing my YouTube channel is out of the question.

Don't worry, I have no plans on retiring from Smash machinima, at least not until I've made a film in the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Or for that matter, a proper SSB Crusade machinima). What I am doing is pondering ways for me to create more "chocolate" content that reflects my interests and will hopefully reach a wide enough audience that I can make some lunch money on the side. In times like these, I really miss Blip.tv.

I need to pace myself. NS3U comes first. Look forward to it.


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