September 2018 Update (EDIT)

Wanna know the great thing about not being in school anymore? I no longer have a reason to hate Mondays.

So, in case you didn't know (or care), I have a Dailymotion channel. This is where I dump all of my old videos and videos which weren't good enough for my YouTube channel. As frustrating as Dailymotion is, I still feel as though I haven't gotten enough out of it yet. As a Dailymotion partner, I've only made chump change out of the hundreds of monetized videos I've uploaded over the last four years. Meanwhile, I've revamped my YouTube channel to focus only on machinima and my most popular uploads, and my channel's beginning to grow because of this.

So now's the time for me to do the same on the Dailymotion archives. Beginning this Fall, I'll will be cleaning up my Dailymotion channel so that only my recent videos and greatest (and most infamous) hits will be shown. Aside from old shames old series, like Reycralibur and The Abridged Knights of Brawl, nearly all of my videos will be made private to better reflect my current output. Hopefully, the French will stick around my Dailymotion channel a little longer once I've cut the fat.

NS3U is currently on hiatus due to casting trouble; auditions are now open to anyone interested. Moreover, I've decided to stop doing monthly uploads for personal reasons.

Over the past year, I've been uploading small filler videos to keep the channel active in-between my monthly projects. These videos were never intended to remain on YouTube after I deleted them. After spending the better part of 2017 cleaning up my YouTube channel, I wanted to refocus myself entirely on standalone machinima films. After I released the NS3U trailer and first episode last Winter, I became anxious. I wanted to keep the momentum going, but I wasn't willing to put in more effort into my uploads. As a result, I feel as if my channel has once again degraded into a case of quantity over quality.

There were a pair of videos I never got around to finishing because of my need to, yet again, clog up my YT channel with low-effort filler. I'm going to be working on these videos throughout the fall season. Of course, I will get back to NS3U once everything is back in order, but don't expect the next episode to arrive for some time.

I'll be taking a walk now...


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