Summer is Here... (EDIT)

Auditions are now open for a new character to be properly introduced in the next stage of NS3U. I'll give you a hint, she and her partner are making their triumphant return in Super Smash Bros Ultimate this Winter (Yes, I know. Shut up). I've sent out the script for the upcoming episode and I will begin filming once the cast turns in their lines.

Speaking of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I know the question you want to ask me right at this very time of writing. The answer is no, I have no plans on launching a new machinima series in SSBU, nor do I have plans to film future episodes of NS3U on Switch. Of course, I will make the jump to Ultimate machinima eventually. How can I not when, not only will the Ice Climbers return, but Daisy finally becomes a playable character instead of a palette swap? But even then, I won't get serious about it until SSBU carves out its own modding scene, as did Brawl and SSB4 before it.

Besides, I don't even own a Nintendo Switch!

Which brings us back to the present day. My current plan is to rotate between NS3U and stand-alone projects; I have no intention on launching more than one ongoing series. I'll be writing scripts for future episodes, but once I've sent them out, it's on to the next project to kill some time.

I know I said I was going to cut back on uploading filler videos to my YouTube channel, that's still the general plan. I've decided to upload them first to YouTube, in order to gauge audience interest, and then banish them to Dailymotion at a later date. Outside of fan videos, which I keep unlisted in the playlists, I will soon resume purging old, underviewed videos from my channel.


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