Quick March 2018 Update (EDIT)

I've just about finished the script for NS3U, episode 2 and I've already begun filming. Once I've finished with that, and after I do a few touch-ups with the script, I'll be holding auditions for voice actors. I've decided that I won't be doing any major voice acting in this series. NS3U already has a bootleg feel to it without my bad voice acting.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would only end the series if a new Smash Bros game is announced. I'm pretty sure the recently announced game for the Nintendo Switch is just an enhanced port of Smash 4, just like I'm sure Lelouch of the Resurrection won't be a third television anime season. The fanboys were wrong about Sailor Moon Crystal "season 4", obviously they're wrong about this one (like they always are).

On the side, I've been working on several short videos while I was brainstorming ideas for NS3U. At the moment, my focus is on NS3U, but I plan to work on more shorts while I wait on auditions. However, don't expect me to release the next NS3U anytime soon, and I mean really soon. I was "hibernating" in the Winter, stepping away from machinima to focus on my real life. All I'm going to say is: real life sucks ass, and I am NOT in a good place right now.

On my YouTube channel, you may notice some of my videos are missing. I've unlisted several videos with low viewership and performance. This is to re-orient my channel to better reflect the quality of my current output. You can still find my old videos in the playlists and on the Dailymotion archives.

And with that, I bid you adieu.


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