ANGST ALERT! ANGST ALERT! | Why I've Been Purging

As I mentioned in previous updates, I'm going through a bit of mid-youth crisis. Deleting old videos has become quite therapeutic for me.

Only in the last two years have I begun to take this YouTube thing seriously. Right now, I could either move to one of my backup accounts and start over from scratch or I could stay on Speedy149U and continue to make machinima for the very few people that subscribed to that channel for nothing else.

On one hand, almost all of my old videos are now on Dailymotion, there's not much to stop me from hitting the reboot button, wiping out all of the content from all three of my channels, and staring over from either one of them. On the other hand, I'm a spotlight stealer. As long as I'm getting views for something, why get rid of it? The answer is: because I came to YouTube in 2009 to make Smash Bros. machinima, and I have completely strayed from that path.

I'm getting views and mild attention for content that I don't even make on a regular basis anymore.

When I launched SmashVine in 2015, that was my rebirth. That was the moment when I decided to put my all of my focus on Smash Bros. machinima and all of the content that I wanted to make. In time, this attitude carried over to me in real life; I decided to dedicate myself only to the things that would make me feel good. That's why I cancelled Reycralibur and stopped doing TV rants; I became disillusioned with the former and the latter was just bad for my health.

I might as well have renovated one of my other YT accounts so I could start over, because now I can't help but cringe at some of my older videos. Thus, the purge began, and it continues to this day.  Now you know why I've been deleting some of my older videos. I could have started over on a new account, but I don't feel like waiting another decade to get back the over 1,000 subscribers that I have now.

Besides, I have way too many YouTube channels as it is!

P.S I'm not going to delete the machinima "fan videos", some things are more important than views.


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