A Quick Update and Pondering

By the time you read this, you might have already seen the teaser video I posted today.


I have big plans for the end of the year, and this next machinima is one of them. My next film will take me in a direction that I have been fascinated with for some time now. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a Smash Bros. machinima in the horror genre? I know of one director who has dabbled in this sort of thing, and she's only recently returned to making Brawl machinima.

This may be my final machinima project for the year, considering my bad luck when it comes to the winter months, I'm not even gonna try do to start anything new this year. Instead, my mind has been preoccupied with ghosts from my past. I've said in a previous update that I was thinking of a way to give Reycralibur some proper closure, and I think I've finally got it!

After I finish my next machinima project, I'm going to start work on a Reycrailbur retrospective video. This film will reintroduce the series to anyone who has either forgotten it or wasn't around the first (three) time(s), as well as offer a look behind the scenes at what goes into making an episode. Even if you're not interested in the series, watching this retrospective will give you a small glimpse of the ill-demonstrated magic of Super Smash Bros. machinima produced with the original game. In addition, I will also recap the complete thirteen episode run AND the unfinished finale!

At last I can finally put this chapter of my life to bed! I've been meaning to get back to my stomping grounds anyway, and I can't think of a better way than to revisit the series that started it all. Hell, I'm even considering a revival of Aile x Opal!

...Maybe. I don't perform well in the winter.

Speaking of girls, I'm not quite ready to reveal what's next for the Super Smash Sisters series other than the fact that the main series does have a new title. As I mentioned before, don't expect the new series to be ANYTHING like the Great Mission mini-series or Smash Sisters Black. Since I'm currently working on my (I guess) Halloween special, and I have the Reycralibur special to look forward to afterwards, I probably won't resume filming Smash Sisters until maybe 2018.

Going forward, Speedy149U will focus exclusively on original short films and series, primarily Super Smash Bros. machinima. While my main focus at the moment is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, my content as a whole won't be exclusive to that game, or even the machinima medium for that matter. Like I said, I've got plans. BIG plans.

...And, that's it. I'm done now.


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