Random Thoughts: Avalanche Sharks vs Sharknado

I find it far more rewarding to watch a bad movie or television series then watching anything critically decent. Of course, I will probably hate myself for wasting my time, but as a storyteller, I could learn so much more from watching the absolutely terrible Avalanche Sharks than any highly-praised movie. And indeed, I truly hate myself for watching that movie.

What makes a good movie or show for me as a viewer is the characters. It doesn't matter too much how cliche the plot is, as long as it's coherent and easy to follow, but it's important to know who I'm rooting for and against. Too many times I've been burned by weak leads, unlikable side characters, and villains who are far more cooler (and sexier) to root against. If the plot and setting are too predictable, that only adds to my misery; watching the action go down has now become a chore for me to do.

Had its characters been likable, I wouldn't have minded Avalanche Sharks weak plot and overpopulated cast on top of its already absurd premise. Say what you will about Sharknado (other than it being awesome, I already know that), but at least that movie had the common courtesy to kill off its obnoxious characters or any minor character when it was done with them. All of the fatalities in Avalanche Sharks are red shirts, worthless reminders of what the movie was supposed to be about.

See? There's something else to learn from watching that piece of garbage: If you're going to name your movie after a disaster or a monster, give us more of that disaster or the monster. At least Sharknado was upfront with me and didn't waste my time cutting to the chase.

Avalanche Sharks would have been far more enjoyable if they had taken all this into account, instead, it was just a weak rip-off.


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