Super Smash Sisters Director's Log (Post July 2018 Update) [EDIT]

I'm still waiting on all the voice actress to turn in their lines for the next New Super Smash Sisters for Wii U episode. In the meantime, I've been making some monthly "experimental" videos to keep the channel going. I wasn't too proud of this month's video, because I only came up with the idea at the last second. On top of pure laziness, I had other IRL commitments, so I ended up rushing through it. There were other projects I was working on, some of them needed more than a month to finish, and others I just didn't like.

Since this month's update is pretty short, I might as well share a Smash Sisters Director's Log with you. When I did the first NS3U episode, I didn't properly bridge the gap between it and the Great Mission mini-series. Unless you watched Icecapades and the standalone Smash Sisters films, the introductions of new characters would come out of left-field and the Ice Climbers being the apparent antagonists wouldn't make much sense. This is why the next episode all but ignores the pilot; it gave me a chance to properly develop the narrative and flesh out its characters.

Going into episode three, I'm pretending that the first episode never happened. Originally, this episode would have served as a soft reboot-prequel, recapping events from the Great Mission, dishing on what happened during those events that led us to this point, and ending with the reintroduction of Nana leading into the next episode. I thought that it was too early to be going into dark territory, so I scrapped it.

The episode that I'm working on now continues the format established in episode two, using the "main" segment to continue the story and the book-ending skits to flesh out characters and provide relief. From here on out, I took the more episodic approach; introducing new characters slowly, referencing events from the Great Mission, and dropping hints to future developments. By this point, I had started laying out the framework for future episodes in the series so I could avoid the debacle I'm in now.

As for the other Smash Sisters films, I do intend to continue the stand-alone Super Smash Sisters: Alternative series. However, I don't want to tax the NS3U cast with more work and I think I've set my standards high enough that I don't need to do any cross-dress VA'ing anymore.

I've done some preliminary filming for the next NS3U. This makes it easier for me to work on other projects, then slip right back into NS3U once I have everything I need. As I'm typing this, I haven't come up with an idea for August's video, but I'm getting there. I've been watching some SFM videos and I think I got a good idea...


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